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North American Coalbed Methane Forum
Timeline Photos Paul Ziemkiewicz of WVU discussed Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Mine Drainage. Visuals included separations test, large sludge drying cell and regional sampling objectives. @nacbmf #cbm #rareearthminerals #WVU
Great article from @Nacbmf event. Thank you Observer Reporter and Mike Bradwell #coal @OhioCoalAssn /> 2 2
image of coal bed methane text book by dr. pramod thankur

Advanced Reservoir and Production Engineering for Coal Bed Methane

This book presents the reader with design systems that will maximize production from worldwide coal bed methane reservoirs. With more than 40 years of experience, Dr. Pramod Thakur, President of NACBMF, is an expert in the field. The author starts with much needed introductory basics on gas content and diffusion of gas in coal, crucial for anyone in the mining and natural gas industries.

Going a step further, chapters on hydrofracking, horizontal drilling technology, and production strategies address the challenges of dewatering, low production rates, and high development costs. This book systematically addresses all three zones of production levels, shallow coal, medium depth coal, and deep coal with coverage on gas extraction and production from a depth of 500 feet to upwards of 10,000 feet, strategies which cannot be found in any other reference book.

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Joanne Reilly - NACBM Forum

Board member Spotlight

Joanne Reilly

Joanne Reilly is Manager, Gas Operations for Alpha Natural Resources Coal Gas Recovery LLC affiliate, where she is commercializing coalbed methane and conventional gas reserves. Joanne has over 33 years experience in the coal industry including coalbed methane and conventional gas production, evaluation of coal and gas reserves, surface and underground coalbed methane planning and production, and has and is continuing to work closely with the mine operation staff to maximize production and minimize risk.

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Bi-Annual Conferences

Spring 2017 Session

The North American Coalbed Methane Forum would like to thank the attendees, speakers, universities and sponsors (Enervest, CONSOL) and those who helped to support our event (Halliburton and YPE Pittsburgh).

You made our April annual event at the Hilton Garden Inn, Southpointe, PA a true success!

Thank you, NACBMF Board Members